2017 Bassmaster Classic

This year the Bassmaster Classic took place in Houston, TX.  The competition was held at  Lake Conroe just north of The Woodlands, TX, the exhibit was held at the George R. Brown Convention Center and the weigh-in’s took place at Minute Maid Park.

This was the first year it has been at Lake Conroe and the first time the Classic has come to Houston, TX.   There were a total of 51 Bass Pros competing in the Classic.  The top prize of $300,000 went to Jordan Lee with a total of 56 LB-10 oz, second prize ($50,000) went to Steve Kennedy with a total of 55 LB-1 oz, and third prize ($40,000) went to Brent Ehrler with a total of 54 LB-14 oz.  It was a very close and epic battle with less than 2 pounds separating first and second place and 3 ounces separating second and third.

We decided to head down to the convention center on Saturday to see the expo, the largest B.A.S.S. expo ever.  At the expo, you are able to see some of the latest and greatest equipment and gear as well as get up close and personal with some of the big name pros including Rick Clunn, Bill Dance, Roland Martin, Jimmy Houston and Hank Parker.

It was a beautiful day on the way down to the expo.  Down the road from our subdivision on the way to I45, we saw some deer, including a nice buck.


Once we got there and found a parking space, we made our way to the entrance.


I have to say that we were quite impressed with the Expo.  It was huge and had tons of manufacturers on display including Humminbird, Lews, RaymarineOkuma, Shimano, and Cast Away to name a few out of many.


One of the coolest things for kids to do while at the expo was “Ride The Bass”.  I wish our kids had been with us so they could have given it a whirl.  I was actually thinking about going for a ride myself and posting the video but I was only on my second beer at that point.


There is a new cool app available for those who may be interested in having a fishing tournament.  The app, called icatch, allows you to create tournaments by inviting friends from social media sites.  You can quickly snap photos of your catch, enter the length, weight, species and tournament.  The young man educating us about the app had just launched his sales career and did a great job explaining how it works.


Another cool booth we came across was the #1 Bass Lake in the Nation.  Any guesses here?  Bassmaster Magazine named Toledo Bend the best bass fishing in the nation.  Here is a picture of the booth showcasing the 40.45 LB’s of bass that George Herr caught and released in less than 50 minutes on 11-9-2014.  Looking forward to fishing this lake soon!


On the way out, we saw a hot pink decorated booth – Reel Girls Fish.   They sell clothing and accessories for passionate fisherwomen.  We considered buying a few t-shirts but figured we let our wives/daughter pick out and purchase online the ones they like at home.  I fail miserably when picking out clothes for my wife.


All in all, it was a great time.  It’s amazing how many people are passionate about bass fishing and attended the expo.  There were literally thousands and thousands of people at the expo.  To put it into perspective, we were told there were as many people at the Bassmaster Classic Expo on Saturday as there were at the Super Bowl Expo this year which was also here in Houston at the convention center.  We were there as well and I agree that it was just as packed.


We would have liked to have stayed for the weigh-in at Minute Maid however we had to get back to The Woodlands.  Looking forward to going to fishing up in Lake Conroe soon to see if we can land a 12 or 13 pounder.

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