Bass Fishing Lures

We had a Super Bowl party yesterday and had several of our neighbors over for the festivities.  We had LOTS of food including queso, wings, brisket, and all sorts of apps.  The game was absolutely insane.  Many of us thought the Falcons were going to win, but sure enough, Brady and Belicheck come roaring back in the fourth quarter and won in overtime.  Ridiculous!  The first Super Bowl to go into overtime and the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history – 25 points.  Wow!

We ordered some very cool lures this past week from that I wanted to share.  Check ’em out:


We are planning to give these lures a shot in several of the ponds throughout The Woodlands this week to see if we can’t catch some bass with these bad boys.  The weather is expected to be nice most of the week with highs into the 80’s…a little warm for this time of year for my taste.  We will share some pics/videos of our fishing outings this coming week.


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